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   Technique of industry electric
   heater electric range designs, is in   manufacture application technology.
   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt    consults various application field    and efficient heater use method  as    industry electric heater electric
   range manufacture synthesis    manufacturer, is quick, lay offer    Haget exactly connection
   information that is various for heater    for semi-conductor production    equipment, neutralization learning    electric heat plant and process    heater Bangpokhiteo, fluid heating    system, electricity strong wind
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   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt in Kunsan country    industrial complex (GM Daewoo Motor main entrance    front) to 1,000 p'yong floorage 700 reviews scale Kunsan    factory completion is damp and factory site purchase is    Kkeutnansangtae already .

   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt electricity ten
   disciplines  for MTS-ED415 model's dry system to
   Samseongkoning Malaysia factory export .

   1) telephone counseling and quotation
       Head office business department :        Gimseung/conductor (telephone consultation)
   2) electric heat plant estimate team  (construction        technology consultation and estimate team)   
       Head office business department : Jeongtaeksin/                          conductor (outside duty business team)  
       Gyejeontim : Bakseungwon/conductor
                          (Jeongi1geup report)   
       Design team : Nambanghyeon/department manager                    (industry design of a machine juggler)   
       Report offer : South Korea Co., Ltd mega                  Watt/administration safety planning department