South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt production product and heating   system information

Application and application field

  1 ] industry, heater for development equipment for neutralization learning plant and Bangpok heater fluid        heating system  connection production information

    ① Heating system (construction and production spot) for neutralization          learning plant

  Electric heat plant, fluid heating system Bangpok   heater

    ② Design of fluid heating system and product connection information

  Water steam air gas heating fruit Sign of the   Cock

    ③ Hurenji heater

  Water steam air gas heating Bangpok heater   fruit Sign of the Cock

    ④ Circle ration heater

  Water steam air gas circulation heating   Bangpok heater fruit Sign of the Cock

    ⑤ SPI heater (injection heater NPT : 2 inch, 11/2 inch, 11/4 inch, 1 inch)

  Water gasoline liquid heating supersonic   waves washing heating

    ⑥ OTSI heater (cistern BeongkeoCyu large size tank etc.. liquid tank heating         for Rimiton mixer)

  Interior and large size liquid tank heating

    ⑦ Drum heater
        (lev loan heater . Titanium heater, SUS316 heater, SUS304 heater)

  Liquid tank heating for water, causticity liquid   gilt

    ⑧ Volt heater (Seuteodeu volt heating for heavy industry equipment for         development equipment)

  Seuteodeu volt heating

    ⑨ Indeoksyeon heater (at repair work for heavy industry equipment for         development equipment)

  Bearing gear ring sleeve shaft gourd sound

    ⑩ Hiting cable, MI cable heater
        (water gas raw material transfer pipe line heating fruit Sign of the Cock)

  Piping line heating and heating

  2 ] electricity ten discipline electric heater electricity steam Radieteo connection informations for electricity        strong wind system and industry electricity ten discipline heatings

    ① Industry electricity ten discipline (large size in small size)

  Industry dry, mutual assistance

    ② Industry electricity ten discipline unit heaters and duct heater

  Electricity strong wind appointment, heating,   dry

    ③ Strong wind system (Kompeuresya air) for high tension high fever

  Compressed air, gas, heating

    ④ Heating electricity strong wind flag

  Electric heating

    ⑤ Air curtain for electricity strong wind

  Building entrance heating

    ⑥ Industry electric heater

  Industry heating

    ⑦ Electricity Radieteo

  Electric heating, industry, household

    ⑧ Steam Radieteo, steam unit, steam strong wind flag

  Industry heating, steam dry

  3 ] connection heater product information for mutual assistance connection heater and Hangon humidistat

    ① Kind of connection heater for mutual assistance and Hangon humidistat

  Air cone (heating) for Hangon humidistat for   mutual assistance

    ② Pin unit heater (Hangon humidistat, mutual assistance, air cone (heating)

  Hangon humidistat for mutual assistance

    ③ Humidifier

  Hangon humidistat for mutual assistance

    ④ Defrost heater, heater that is dignity

  Unit cooler ice exclusion for freezing cold   storage

    ⑤ Heater step control Pannel for mutual assistance

  Heater control for mutual assistance

  4 ] Konbeeo kiln electricity dry oven and Jeokoeseonhi site, quartz pipe heater, halogen heater, UV lamp        information

    ① Connection information Konbeeo kiln UV dry season

  Dry system, dry, UV dry

    ② Electricity dry oven (box style strong wind dry season)

  Parts dry, PCB dry, other dry

    ③ Circle infrared rays heater and quartz pipe heater

  Connection heater for dry

    ④ Halogen heater (lamp)

  Heating for semi-conductor for dry

    ⑤ UV lamp and UV condenser, high tension transformer, reflector connection         information

  UV dry connection lamp and connection   parts

  5 ] electric furnace and electric furnace connection heater parts insulation material information

    ① Product information by electric furnace and heat treatment

  By electric furnace, heat treatment, box

    ② Electric furnace application product and heating element

  Electric furnace connection product

    ③ Radianteu tube heater connection information

  Electric furnace heating element

    ④ SIC heater connection standard and kind

  Electricity heating element for high fever

    ⑤ Kantal heat ray standard ticket (strip, wire)

  Electric furnace calorification good use

    ⑥ Electric furnace connection ceramic and insulation material kind

  Serving relations insulator for electric   furnace, insulation material

  6 ] tube structure of heater (pipe heater Sijeu heater) and usage application connection product information

    ① Kind and usage of heater tube

  Pipe heater, many purposes heating elemen

    ② Heater application product
        (railroad vehicles heater and application product) tube

  Railroad vehicles, many purposes use

    ③ Hopeo heater (heater application product tube)

  Cinder catcher Hopeo, Seukeupyu Konbeeo   surface heating

    ④ Heater (heater application product tube) pin tube

  Air heating, strong wind, mutual assistance

  7 ] catapult extrusion appointment heater and heart runner nozzle heater heart runner control Pannel        connection information

    ① Catapult, extrusion appointment connection heater and connection         surrounding system

  Catapult, extrusion appointment heater   connection information

    ② Heater connection information for catapult, extrusion flag cylinder heating

  Mica band heater, ceramic band heater,   casting band heater

    ③ Catapult nozzle and heart runner nozzle heater connection information

  Nozzle heater kind connection information

    ④ Heart runner control Pannel information

  Nozzle heater and heart runner temperature   control

    ⑤ Extrusion flag, catapult and general casting heater connection information

  Catapult, extrusion flag, troy heating, other   surface heating

    ⑥ Place heater and Channel heater connection information

  Correction of deformities press platen   heating, other surface heating

  8 ] heater for semi-conductor production equipment and connection heater product information

    ① Connection heater information for semi-conductor production equipment

  Jacket heater, washing mounting, cartridge   heater others

    ② Jacket heater
        (1000℃ for high temperature for semi-conductor gas supply line heating)

  Semi-conductor gas supply line heating   (1000℃ for high temperature)

    ③ Lcd washing equipment heater (LCD washing)

  LCD washing

    ④ Ribbon heater, jacket heater, silicone lava heater

  Semi-conductor gas fitter line heating
  (low temperature)

    ⑤ Air heater (Kompeuresya air heating)

  Gas air heating (semi-conductor, others)

    ⑥ Hot plate (semi-conductor Bupu, dry, heating)

  Semi-conductor parts dry heating

    ⑦ Structure of cartridge heater and usage
        (semi-conductor troy heating, general)

  Semi-conductor troy heating, general

    ⑧ Kind (semi-conductor troy heating, general) of cartridge heater

  Kind of cartridge heater

    ⑨ Prototype of cartridge heater and standard
        (semi-conductor troy heating, general)

  Prototype and standard of cartridge heater

  9 ] factory automation control system and temperature automatic control Pannel, temperature sensor, space        heater, other  connection information

    ① Factory automation control system and temperature automatic control         Pannel

  Factory automation control, temperature   automatic control, other control

    ② Thermocouples, kind of temperature sensor and kind of compensation          leading wire

  Information connected with thermocouples   temperature sensor

    ③ Kind of prototype and temperature sensor protective tube at         thermocouples, Ondosen

  Information connected with thermocouples   temperature sensor

    ④ Space heater (various control system moisture exclusions and          temperature preservation administration)

  Control Pannel moisture exclusion and   temperature preservation

    ⑤ Slip ring and Bureoswi connection information (heater . General)

  Body of revolution power supply device

    ⑥ Electric heat engineering data

  Electric heater electric range selection that   do heater Electric Energy production and   Choejeokhap