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South Korea Co., Ltd megawatt place of business and contact net

   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt's place of business consists of two rollers of Kunsan plant factory which produce head     office of industry electric heater electric range manufacturing plant and Inchon factory and neutralization learning electric     heat plant and fluid heating system.

    Also, head office and Inchon factory and Kunsan plant factory direct management place of business open in domestic     industrial complex or as follows in industrial complex neighboring districts and manpower (engineer) and equipment are     arranged so that design and A/S may be immediately available in place of business itself.

   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt's such business net product and service that your company wants providing new value     detecting a step before your purchase and production activity the best savage tribe give .               
    For front, desire there is persistent protection.

Head office and Inchon factory

     Earth :  240Review              Floorage : 150Review  

Main main point life mountain width

     Do industry electric heater electric range and heater semi-conductor production      equipment heater various electric heat application crab-spawns

Main cattle

     Namdonggu Gojandong 733 - 10 (Nam-dong Industrial Complex 167BL-9L)s at      Inchon wide area

Anger before a bamboo ticket

     (032) 819-6291             FAX : (032) 819-6294

Head office business department through traffic

     (032) 813-0222             FAX : (032) 813-0223

Seoul business department through traffic

     (02) 2619-6291             FAX : (02) 2688-0905

Capital administration wealth through traffic

     (032) 885-0942             FAX : (032) 885-7385

Kunsan plant factory

      Earth : 1000Review               Floorage : 700Review  

Main main point life mountain width

      Neutralization learning plant heating system,       Bangpokgwanryeonjeonyeolsiseutem,       kiln, electric furnace, space-time

Main cattle

      Cholla-bukdo Kunsan time Soryongdong 1637 - 8 house number (Kunsan country       industrial complex GM Dae-Woo Motors main entrance front)s

Anger before a bamboo ticket

      (063) 468-3005             FAX : (063) 468-3886

Southeast industrial complex place of business

     Inchon-kwangyokshi Namdonggu Gojandong 632 - 5 (2 only tool store      SeungminB/D 102)s

Anger before a bamboo ticket

     (032) 813-6291          FAX : (032) 813-0223

That thousand zero household mascot cattles

     Inchon-kwangyokshi Southern Europe Sungui1dong 431 (in Sunguigonggu store)

Anger before a bamboo ticket

     (032) 885-0905          FAX : (032) 885-7385

Cloth inside zero household mascot cattles

     Dagadong 366 - 1 (in Imperial countenance machine tool store)s at      Chungchong-namdo Imperial countenance

Anger before a bamboo ticket

     (041) 572-2213          FAX : (041) 572-2215

Zero household mascot cattles which buy wool

     Ulsan-kwangyokshi Southern Europe Samsandong 1620 - 16 (World tool store      front)s

Anger before a bamboo ticket

     (052) 227-8162          FAX : (052) 227-8165

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