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     South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt is company foundation on August 17, 1987 had    repeated constant growth by industry electric heater electric range manufacture    comprehensive maker resisting much trials meantime owing in your cheering.



     South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt studies and develops and produces heating    system that need on industry whole such as engineering industry field as well as    up-to-dateness semi-conductor, electricity, electron, Peuraseutik, new material with    neutralization studies, petrochemistry, development equipment, heavy industry, plant,    a car, shipbuilding seeking quality first forward and take charge part on your heating    part of manufacturing process.



       Is designing and produce and construct neutralization learning plant connected    with electric heater electric range, fluid heating system, development equipment    heating system, Bangpok connection electric heater electric range etc. with electric    heater electric range manufacture technique for neutralization learning plant that    South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt is accumulated recently finishing plant exclusive use    factory in present Kunsan country industrial complex.



       Desire that South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt will requite best effort in your cheering    flowing speedily Research and Development and quality control as well as new    product development forward and there is many encouragements and protection    forward.


     Thank you

CO., LTD. South Korea mega Watt
 Chief director