South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt temperature automatic control and FA (FA) control system

 ◈ Heating system (system automatic Jeeopannel)
     fruit Sign of the Cock

      By factory automation and various industrial facilitieses,         production equipment pointed end anger the equipment         system that do automatic control also rapidly pointed end         change .
        May fairly see that all factory automations are achieved by         automatic control pointed end Tuesday.

     South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt factory automation control        and temperature automatic control system factory        automation automatic control system that use circuity,        manufacture construction as well as electricity and        electron because do Research and Development in your        factory automation part take charge .



 ◈ Strong wind generator temperature automatic control system

 ◈SCR temperature control panel interior



 ◈ Temperature automatic control parts
     (SCR unit, controller)

 ◈ Space heater (Jeeopannel, moisture exclusion and      temperature preservation)