Usage of South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt Tyubeureo heater (pipe heater)(MEGAWATT RODR)

 (MEGAWATT ROD) is meaning that is South Korea mega Watt's heater to meaning which is dupe of tall electric
 power density



 ΆΒ Heater tube (MEGAWATT RODR)

   Heater (TUBULAR HEATER) is heater and the      basicest heating element that is applied most to all      electricity heating systems tube.
     Also, coverage uses Bendingha by necessary      model and standard when apply heat water,      solution, air, gas, steam, surface in heavy firearms,      plant, construction, mutual assistance, machine,      semi-conductor, shipbuilding, food, several fields      such as restriction because is various and it is      Eungyongryeok these excellent heating elements by      many purposes.
   South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt is producing      various heating system using heater tube.

  ΆΒ History of heater tube

   It is first relationship Tyubeureo heater that a person      called Mr Simpson puts coil and readmit this to metal      tube and publish charter to ceramic tube in 1859.
          But, practical use was not changed and as      nickel chrome alloy is developed at the United States      of  America in 1910 thereafter, Tyubeureo heater      technology developed regularly because heat ray is      not developed.
          In American several neral Ilrekteuriksa in 1918      that is on the First World War Bunmalro put done      insulation to metal tube and Tyubeureo heater      received ten thousand Deureo charters .     
          Was after demand increases but there is no      manufacture equipment,  problem by Doedeonjung      Mr Sterling A, Oakley heater manufacture machine A      is designed and there is recording that made in      Bulten-Kan Thal .
         There is recording that Norway four Ram      C.W.Bakers used by first in 1926 in magnesium that      is used present.


 ΆΒ Large size strong wind flag that use heater tube