South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt electric furnace and electric furnace connection heating element information

By large size metal heat treatment


Electric furnace by smelting furnace, heat treatment    Yeyeolrodeung being divided by greatly 3 these    electric furnace must select heating element that do    Choejeokhap temperature and usage in case    manufacture electric furnace because require most    high fever and must observe in heating class specially     Also, critical temperature of heat ray heating element    can raise temperature to best 1700 using SIC    heating element or SUPER KANTHAL heating element    in case need more temperature being the best 120
Electric furnace need enough narrow sense of     business battle array dimension with order company     and manufacturer and is produced by whole     provisions order.



Konbeeo electric furnace

  City rough road (MAX : 1500) for high temperature



Electric furnace strip heat ray establishment work

  Heating element for electric furnace