South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt Hangon humidistat connection heater and kind of mutual assistance connection heater

  Hangonhangseupgi (Onseup to be computing      appliance administration)

Product that South Korea Co., Ltd mega Watt is various     as company which produce heater for mutual     assistance and mutual assistance heating system and     is specialized by Saengsangonggeuphageteu and     persistent product development and quality control     better product produce .
Usage (product)
    Hangon humidistat : Pin unit heater, humidifier                                        (heater, supersonic waves)
    Unit cooler : Heater for defrost, heater that is dignity     Mutual assistance connection heater step control        panel
    Eeohendeuring unit (AHU) : Space heater
                                          (same school prevention)
    Air cooler unit (ACU) : Space heater
                                         (same school prevention)


  Hangon humidistat (experiment appliance)

Pin unit heater (temperature preservation for    Hangonhangseupgiyong, mutual assistance)


  Humidifier (supersonic waves) Hangonhangseupgi      humidity preservation

  Humidifier (heater heating way) Hangonhangseupgi      humidity preservation


  Freezing machine unit cooler (large size)

  Being in mourning .
     Heater (unit cooler defrost) that is dignity